Your Downtown Dillon Coffee Shop

Dillon Colorado Coffee ShopFinally, Downtown Dillon has a coffee shop. Cameez coffee serves an award winning coffee that has been roasted at 5280 feet! Mixed with fresh Colorado air and small batch roasting, you will enjoy the smooth taste.

Our Cameez Blend was created by our friends who came to our house for a special coffee tasting. We had fun blending coffees to find the perfect blend for Cameez. Try it and tell us what you think!

Let us serve you your drink of choice at our espresso bar. Latte – cappuccino – americano – mochas – and more. We can mix with almond milk, soy milk, skim, or whole.

Since we love everything ice cream, let us mix you up a Cameez Chaos drink (similar to a frappe, just Cameez style.)

mocha chaos

chocolate ice cream, espresso, and topped with whipped cream

chai chaos

David Rio Tiger Chai mixed with some vanilla ice cream, chai-licious!

vanilla chaos

the basic frappe, vanilla froyo and espresso boasts a 160 calorie “for real” drink

caramel chaos

caramel syrup, espresso and your choice vanilla ice cream or froyo
topped with whip cream and caramel drizzle